Whether you have a comprehensive design in mind, or just a basic idea as to the type of product you wish to create, we can assist you every step of the way.

Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Design

Simulation & Testing

Intellectual Property

Design for Manufacture

Production Support

Mechanical Engineering

Component design
and simulation

Using SolidWorks Premium computer aided design software, we design and develop new components, simulate the effect of various forces and stresses on components, and provide full motion analysis. We can also use this software to generate drawings and export 3D data to manufacturers.

Design reviews

It is crucial that any new design created by ourselves, or by our clients, be thoroughly reviewed and tested prior to manufacturing. Our reviews provide a detailed analysis of potential risks within the design that can then be mitigated if necessary. This has important implications for product performance, product safety, costing, and manufacturing practicability.

Reverse engineering

We take existing products and prototypes and reverse engineer them to assess their components and the construction techniques used. We can then use this information to improve efficiency, increase robustness and reduce the cost.

Industrial Design

Concept design

We create designs that are unique, aesthetically pleasing and functional. From dramatic blue-sky thinking to grounded technical solutions we can meet any project requirements.


We produce photo-realistic renderings and animations so that you can communicate the designs to your colleagues and customers in a compelling and accurate way.


Our state of the art software allows us to create freeform, organic surfaces and integrate them with the mechanical design within our CAD software.

Simulation and Testing

Virtual simulation with computer software allows us to investigate multiple design iterations thoroughly in a short period of time before anything is made. These services include:

Strength testing of parts - we use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to predict how strong parts will be and where they will break, given certain forces and stresses. This information allows us to identify whether parts can be reduced in size and retain sufficient strength and which materials should be used for parts.

Moulding simulation - the flow and distortion of plastic during the injection moulding process is simulated and analysed. This saves both time and money by avoiding the need for prototype mould tooling.

Microscopic inspection and measurement - We can inspect the precise size and shape of small parts using our high magnification Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine and Metrology Software.

Optical CMM

Physical testing

Physical testing is an important process used in conjunction with virtual simulation. Physical testing ensures that the product is suitable for production, based on real-world and unpredictable factors.


We construct physical prototypes to check product styling, performance and construction. We have facilities to make prototypes in-house and through our suppliers, using CNC machining, 3D Printing, and low volume tooling.

Force and displacement tests

The strength and operational forces of a product or prototype can tested and measured with precision using our computer controlled axial force test machine. User interactions such as button press forces and assembly snap forces can be accurately analysed.

Intellectual Property

If you want to ensure that you retain your intellectual property rights, as well as avoid infringing on the rights of other companies, we offer specialist advice and support in this area.

Some of the ways we can assist you regarding intellectual property are as follows:


Patent reviews - assessing exactly what you competitors’ intellectual property covers.

Intellectual property solutions - identifying ways in which you can protect your own intellectual property rights or circumvent those of your competitors.

Brief writing - we can write briefs for submission to intellectual property experts regarding searches and patent writing.

Design for Manufacture

Through our wide range of services, we combine design, engineering and manufacturing considerations to create great products that are as functional as they are beautiful.

When you actually come to produce your product, we can make the process much easier, by assisting you with:

Moulding Simulation

Design for assembly - we consider how the products are assembled and how to prevent or detect incorrect assembly.

Design of assembly and test equipment - For some products, how you make it is as critical as what you make. We can design jigs, fixtures and test equipment that perfectly match the product’s components and the specified assembly process.

Tolerance analysis - specifying the size of the parts so they work regardless of any production variation.

Supplier liaison - working with your existing and new suppliers to design components and processes that are optimised for their capabilities. We can also work with your suppliers to develop new and novel production solutions.

Production Support

We take pride in assisting our clients with every stage of a new product launch. This involves supporting them well beyond the initial design and testing of a product.

We can provide support in the following key areas to get production started:


Assembly line set-up - we can assist with the layout and optimisation of assembly lines.

Injection moulding trials - from our knowledge of the part designs and early moulding simulation work, we can assist your suppliers in setting the process parameters for creating the best parts on their injection moulding machines.

Qualification - we can check the products are made and assembled correctly and test that they are still being made correctly even if production problems occur.